Our Adults classes are perfect for both male and females

Whether you are new to martial arts or have a background in another discipline you will find our class is perfect for both male and females and suit a range of skills.

If you are a complete beginner the reward and challenges of each class will guarantee that you enjoy your training.

For the more advanced martial artist, the challenge will be a little different.

Will you be able to “empty your cup ” and pick up a new skill will be the reward, are you up for the challenge?

Come along and give our classes ago, we will welcome you with a warm smile and make you fill at home.

Not sure if you want to come on your own?

That’s okay, we welcome everyone to bring a friend

Your friend can just come and watch but we would love it if you were to train together.

You will learn a mix of martial arts skills and techniques, with the added bonus of getting fit, staying healthy, meeting new people and having huge amounts of fun.

Our classes can be joined at complete beginner level or as a more advanced martial artist.

FREE Training?

If you are still not sure, I would personally like to invite you to come training completely FREE for 1 week.

All you need to do is text or call me: 07821 126 685 Or use the form below.

I will personally reply and we will arrange for a whole week’s worth of training absolutely FREE.

I look forward to seeing soon.

Kind regards
SiFu Alan Bagley





1 weeks training for FREE

If you would like to come and meet us and train with us completely free of charge for a week, please use the form below and we will get this arranged. *Spaces are limited. Offered on a first come first served basis. Don’t miss out!