Wing Chun Beginners and Members mixed class

7:00 pm

Every Thursday from

March 6, 2014

There is always a warm welcome to all newcomers who want to learn about the Wing Chun system at the Halesowen school.

None members will be invited into a group for an introductory 16 lesson course, during which time you will be taught the basics of Wing Chun and work towards introductory assessment, giving you time to assess the Wing Chun system.

There you will be encouraged to train with the instructors and other members to gain an better understanding of the Wing Chun system.

There is no uniform or formal training clothing required at this stage; training or jogging trousers, a plain t-shirt/sweatshirt and training shoes are all that are required.

Learning Wing Chun or any martial art will take time. The aim is to give you a structure that you can build on and learn at your own pace. You will develop self-confidence, improve posture and flexibility.

Wing Chun is a highly effective and practical street self protection system. Come and give it a try.

This class is for Members and none Members.

Unit 1C
Eagle Trading Estate
97-117 Stourbridge Road
B63 3UA

Wing Chun Kung Fu Halesowen

Wing Chun Kung Fu Halesowen