There are many videos on the internet of Ip, he was a martial arts master best known for teaching Wing Chun Kung. A very famous icon, Bruce Lee, was also one of his students.

There are original videos of Ip Man doing the Wing Chun forms and more recent films and trailers of the Wing Chun system.

We have put together a collection of videos from the Ip Man films staring Donnie Yen and some original footage on Ip Man before his death, where he wanted to preserve the original Wing Chun forms for future generations.

There is always some debate on the spelling of the name Ip Man or Yip Man, this is a debate that we will not get drawn into, unfortunately Wing Chun can sometimes get very political, we just like to focus on the Martial Art and leave the politics.

We do not take credit for any of the videos below, they are all available on YouTube, it is just nice to have some in one place.

You cannot learn Wing Chun from Sifu YouTube, and please do not get drawn in by offers online, like “Learn Wing Chun from the comfort of your arm chair”, video has it place, like books, they are a great source for reference. If you are really interested in learning Wing Chun, please find a local school, check their history, speak to the Sifu but more importantly talk with the students that are currently learning, they will give you a very good indication of the class and the atmosphere.

Ip Man – Siu Nim Tao

Ip Man – Chum Kiu


IP MAN 3 Trailer – Donnie Yen and Mike Tyson

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