The Black Country is an area of the English West Midlands north and west of Birmingham and south and east of Wolverhampton. During the Industrial Revolution, it became one of the most industrialised parts of Britain with coal mines, coking, iron foundries and steel mills producing a high level of air pollution.

The Black Country as an expression dates from the 1840s and it is believed that it got its name because of black soot from heavy industries that covered the area.

The Black Country encompasses the three Metropolitan Boroughs of Dudley, Sandwell and Walsall and the southern parts of the city of Wolverhampton.

A geological definition follows the South Staffordshire coal seam. The Black Country now lies within the West Midlands county but historically was divided between the counties of Staffordshire and Worcestershire. The Black Country does not include Birmingham.

The basic Wing Chun front kick.

The front kick easy to learn, safe to perform and effective at both attacking and defending. Wing Chun Kung Fu does not have many kicks but this does not mean kicking should be overlooked. In the next few paragraphs I am going to talk about a few of the different kicks in Wing Chun and how they can be used.

The front kick tends to aim for the knee, crotch, shin or ankle. The front kick strikes with the heel of the foot. Like a punch the kick should not be chambered. The heel (though not the knee) should move in a straight line to the target as its the fastest rout. The kick can be used to stop someone attacking you with a punch or take down. You do not chamber the kick or telegraph the move in anyway, sometimes the Wing Chun kick is referred to as the invisible kick.

The Front kick can also be used to attack a stationary target as a distraction while gaining control of the hands an hitting. A common combination is a front kick to double Pak Sau (to take both guard hands) and punch. The front kick can also be used to counter-attack after defending a punch. It will commonly be used to kick out the side of the knee, which is intended to destroy the knee joint to help take control of the fight.

By attacking a persons structure / base will allow you to have a great advantage in a given situation. In any fight or attack you want to end it as quickly and as safely as possible.