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Aikido – Sensei Mike Crump
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
May 22, 2019

If you would like to know more about classes, prices, training or just need some more information on Wing Chun, please call or text: 07821 126 685

  • Sifu Alan Bagley

    Wing Chun Halesowen's Instructor and owner, Sifu Alan Bagley has been involved in martial arts since 1992, starting with Kickboxing and a little lau gar kung fu. The conditioning and the physical side of taking part in tournaments, travelling around the country pitting his skills against other like minded people, of which there are thousands was a big attraction in the early days.


Learning Wing Chun or any martial art will take time. The aim is to give you a structure that you can build on and learn at your own pace. You will develop self-confidence, improve posture and flexibility. Wing Chun is a highly effective and practical street self-protection system. Come and give it a try.
Sifu Alan Bagley