The Halesowen Wing Chun martial arts team has been developed around our passion, dedication, and respect.

Each team member has an exceptional range of skills.

Adult Team Members

Chief instructor Sifu Alan Bagley

Sifu Alan Bagley is the chief instructor of an award-winning martial arts school in Halesowen and has been in this privileged position since 2013.

Having been involved in Martial Arts since 1998 he has a wealth of knowledge and experience which is generously shared during his teaching.

Growing up in a working-class family Alan was encouraged to learn a trade, something that he did. He became a qualified electrician and could have settled at that, but he was never truly happy with just ‘working for a living.

With an interest in the mind sciences, he has studied NLP to master practitioner level and spent many years as a clinical hypnotherapist. He has always had a fascination for personal development and how the martial arts can help facilitate this.

Alan believes that martial arts and personal development go hand in hand and can become a great source of, not only motivation but as a facilitator to the development of many aspects of life. He has worked with fighters on the mental and psychological side of their sport both pre-and post-fight.

Sifu Alan Bagley loves to inspire and see others pick up the mantle of personal responsibility and watch as people evolve, change and grow. 

Sifu Alan Bagley is a published author and understands the benefits of the Martial Arts Journey.

Class dynamics

Assistant Instructor John Moore.

John has been at Halesowen Wing Chun since it first opened its doors. John  quickly gained a good reputation for this hard work and dedication, that and a great eye for detail. 

John is a valued member of the team and is the person students will go to if they are in need of assistance. 


Junior Coache Team

The junior coaching team consists of dedicated young adults that are passionate about Martial Arts and helping their fellow students grow and develop. 

Ekaterina - Junior coach
My name is Ekaterina Belokobilska and I like many different types of sport (especially martial arts).
I like kung fu because it teaches important life skills like self-defence. It improved my confidence and my communication skills.
I enjoy being a junior coach because I get a chance to show what I can do and what I achieved throughout hard training. It improves my leadership, confidence and many other characteristics that I didn’t have before.
Junior Coach Rebeka
Hello, my name is Rebeka Jurek and I enjoy many activities making Martial arts my favourite. 
I enjoy Kung Fu as it teaches you self defence. 
At Kung Fu, I also made lots of new friends who can help me with things if I struggle and I can help them too.
I like being a coach since I get to know people better than I did before. 
I enjoy helping younger children with things they might struggle with doing 
This improved my confidence and leadership skills.
Amelia Junior Coach
Hi! My name is Amelia Blackford and I love martial arts, school, animals and Harry Potter!! 
I love Wing Chun because it’s a way for me to learn another side of myself. It also boosts my social skills and self-defence.
Being a Junior Coach is perfect for me because I have the opportunity to express my learning style and my love for martial arts. Being a coach also helps me with my personal development and leadership.
Scarlett Junior Coach
Hi, my name is Scarlett Armstrong and I have been going to Halesowen Wing Chun ( Kung Fu ) for 6 years.
When I first started my sister Georgia and brother Noah came with me. I have been known to follow them for quite some time if they leave a club I am in I would too for the fear of being alone but for the last few years since they left I have made good friends that have helped me on the way.
The people around me help me learn and practise things that I might struggle with as I do with them and now I feel confident with doing things without my siblings around me. 
From my experience of this, I stopped playing the violin on Wednesdays as I felt my heart wasn’t in it so as I have found the confidence to be a coach I have also found the passion for Kung Fu.
Thomas Junior Coach
Hi my name is Thomas white I love sports, especially football and Wing Chun 
It gives me an opportunity to make amazing friends with other peers and develop skills such as confidence and teaching.

Hi, my name is Sophie
I love to paint and draw also I really like sports such as netball and football.

Being at Wing Chun has made me less scared of the outside world and braver. I find it really fun to learn Wing Chun. It is a way I express myself it is also calming and all of the coaches and students and thoughtful and kind. 

Being a Junior Coach has made me become more confident when talking to people. It also makes you feel happy that you can help the students learn new techniques. It also helps build connections with the student, Junior Coaches and even Sifu

Thank you for your time