Private Wing Chun Lessons

Learn Wing Chun at your pace

If you are interested in learning Wing Chun or personal self-defense but life is getting in the way due to work and other commitments or you currently train and want to develop at a faster pace we offer private tuition to help with this.

It is also common for students to train under private tuition when they are unable to attend class for any length of time due to work or holidays etc. This not only maintains their attendance record for grading but also maintains their training. Sessions are booked per hour but maybe extended if you wish.

Private tuition will have a positive influence on your training and will accelerate progression. It will expand your knowledge, not just in technique but through the Martial Arts in general. You may work on areas you feel are weak or on areas you wish to improve on.

One to one of small group sessions will start with the Wing Chun basics but over time as your Wing Chun knowledge grows you will develop your skills at a faster pace.

Sessions will become more intense with emphasis on technical detail, drilling, conditioning and combat. Remember that the goal is geared towards efficient and effective personal self protection / self defence. You will always be expected to give 100% in class.

As your knowledge and understanding of the Wing Chun system grows you will gradually be subjected to more physical and psychological pressure to simulate “combat training”. This will be very ‘hands on’ but approached in a safe and friendly manner. Allowing the student to develop under realistic conditions with technical guidance.

If you think this is something you would want to invest in, a real highly effective and practical street self protection system, one that will push you both physically and psychologically, please fill in the form below.

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We will call you to discuss your requirements and the best times for you to begin your training.

Limited spaces.

*All students must be registered and insured which will be provided through the instructor.
** 4 lessons minimum booking required after initial session.