The Halesowen Wing Chun Foundation and Grading Syllabus

We offer a unique way to learn Wing Chun within our school, not only can you come to the class in person we also offer the grading syllabus online.

The courses are designed for students wanting to practice at home and understand in more detail the different levels of Wing Chun at the Halesowen Wing Chun school.

Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action and the architect of accomplishment.

“The more you practice at home the better you will become”

We have a dedicated area for the videos, the link will be at the bottom of this short introduction

The online videos will help with:

  • Preparation for gradings
  • Study at home
  • Learning the Syllabus
  • Learning the form
  • Partner work
  • PDF downloads of the gradings (For Adults and Children levels)

To take a look at what is on offer and to try some free sample videos please head over to



If you have any questions please get in touch.

Lifetime access is set at £19.99 for the beginner/foundation videos (Siu Nim Tao) *A must for new students that want to excel and build a great foundation

Click the link to take a look at our courses