What is Wing Chun?

What is Wing Chun? Well, in a nutshell, Wing Chun is a practical street self protection system that is direct and very powerful.

The Wing Chun system is designed to deal with an aggressor (or aggressors) as fast as possible with the minimum of effort. Please do not mistake that statement as a reason not to work hard or not to take your training seriously.

Any Martial art will take time, energy and commitment. The word "Kung Fu" is referring to one’s expertise and skill achieved through hard work and practice. So to gain the skills necessary for Wing Chun to be effective for self / family protection will require some effort on your part, but did you really expect anything different?

We live in a society and culture that is always changing, and my aim as a teacher of Wing Chun is to better equip my students to be able to deal with a situation as safely as possible, if it should ever arise.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a southern Chinese style of martial art. It is said that this unique fighting system was devised by a nun nearly four hundred years ago in Fukien, the centre of Chinese pugilism.

The principles of this deadly fighting system are to be simple, practical, efficient, use the center line to attack, be effective in close quarters and to use the opponents strength to counter.

Training the waist and elbow will enable you to generate explosive power for punching. The use of footwork is practised and understood as it is a vital part of the Wing Chun system, this will begin from the very first lesson.

It is better to be aware of your environment and remove yourself from danger than it is to have to fight for survival because you did not pay attention!

Wing Chun Kung Fu Halesowen

Wing Chun Kung Fu Halesowen