Thursday 5th Dec 2013

andyAs usual the Thursday class was busy with members, but with only one non-member and the fact that he had to do a mock assessment in preparation for his first assessment meant that there was some additional pressure for Andrew, as there would be no one to hide behind!

The members of the Haleowen class were focusing on their stepping, mainly Biu Ma, Huen Ma Kuen working with a partner who would be throwing a football strike type kick, aiming towards the defenders groin area. The focus of the stepping and footwork was to understand that with a small step at 45 degrees , Biu Ma, and a subsequent Huen Ma driving in to the incoming attacker centre line, a lot of power could be generated with the footwork and because of the new angle of the defenders attack, you would either be shoulder to shoulder with the oncoming attacker or just a little behind them, allowing you as the defender to have a lot of targets to strike, utilising both hand and leg techniques as the counter attack.

Andrew did well with his mock assessment and should be ready for the entrance assessment in around 3 weeks time.

Sifu Alan Bagley