Due to the increased requests and demand, we are really pleased to be offering our linage Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm Dit Da Jow to many parts of Europe.

Currently, the available places in Europe we are shipping the Iron Palm and Dit Da Jow are:

  • Belguim
  • Germany
  • Grece
  • Guernsey
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Jersey
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

What is Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm Dit Da Jow used for?

If you look at the table below you will see the benefits of using either the Dit Da Jow, Iron Palm a mixture of both to make a “super jow”.

Dit Da JowIron Palm Dit Da Jow
Assists with the healing of BruisesAssists with the healing of Tendons, Sinew, Bones
Helps reduce Pain Helps reduce Pain
Strengthens Blood VesselsStrengthens Bones, Tendons, Connective Tissue
Reduces Swelling Conditions the Hands, Shins for Heavy Contact
Stops Blood Stagnation Protects Contact Area from Serious Injury
Moves Qi Moves Qi

Dit Da Jow

Using Dit da Jow / Chinese liniment can help stimulate circulation, reduce pain and swelling and is a great help for the treatment of impact injuries and bruises.

Bruises are the bluish or purple-coloured patches that appear on the skin when tiny blood vessels, called capillaries, break or burst underneath, an all too common occurrence with martial artists and contact sports practitioners. The blood from the capillaries leaks into the soft tissue under your skin, causing the discolouration, swelling, and pain.

This recipe was passed down to me by my SiFu and is part of the Ip Man lineage. This Dit da Jow has been made with alcohol and has been aged for over 1 year and comes in a 100ml glass bottle.

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Iron Palm Dit Da Jow Liniment

Iron Palm Training was originally one of the 72 arts of the Shaolin temple. Continuing to practice these conditioning techniques are believed to help condition the hands to allow a practitioner to deliver very powerful blows without injury to his or her hands.

Using Iron Palm Dit Da Jow will speed up the healing process of this heavy conditioning training.

For an injury or sore muscles and joints just rub on a small amount of liniment to saturate the area you are applying it to.

This traditional Iron Palm Dit Da Jow is an analgesic liniment preferred by the Sifu at the Halesowen Wing Chun Kuen. With a unique blend of many aromatic healing herbs and a proven traditional formula.

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