When is a Martial Arts Club not a Martial Arts Club?

Sometimes when running a martial arts school and teaching in class you can forget to look up and see what is going on outside of the teaching and learning process.

If you take a moment out, look and observe you will notice parents and guardians chatting away over a coffee making new friends and just enjoying the environment that the martial arts school has created.

You come to realise that there is a whole community and family feel to the martial arts club and this is something that is a pleasure to see.

Time to party

party-time-halloween-300x287.pngA great example of this was the recent Halloween party at the Halesowen Wing Chun school.

All the children and the parent helpers made a great effort in not only decorating the room but also in their costumes.

This party was put on by the club for the children and everybody had a wonderful time.

Allowing the children to dress up, or not, the choice was theirs, play Halloween inspired party games and just have fun can be just as important as learning the next Kung Fu move.

To see the excitement as the children walked through the door to a fully Halloween decorated Wu Kwan (Chinese equivalent to a dojo) was priceless and the children get to make some great memories.

Playing games like wrap the mummy, CSI crime scene and Zombie tag gave all the children a great work out, team bonding and teamwork exercises whilst having fun.

Who said learning had to be boring!

The whole evening was a Tremendous success and both the parents and the children are already trying to arrange another party for the Christmas holidays.

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