A survey was taken by sports England that showed that 60% of female respondents visited a fitness or leisure centre at least once a month in the past three years, but that 50% of women with experience of exercising in these settings in the past three years worry about being judged.

Of those with a fear of judgement, more were concerned about being judged by other women (27%) than by men (22%)

Despite increases in the overall number of people being active in England, women persistently remained less active than men.


Would you agree with that statement above?

There are many reasons and excuses that people give when they are asked why they do not exercise or why they stopped exercising. Depending upon How you currently live your life the thought of trying to fit in exercise or martial arts class may seem almost impossible, would that be true for you?

Sports England set up a new campaign called this girl can and produced a remarkable video, one that is designed to inspire and encourage women from all backgrounds and of any fitness level to take up the journey to improve their health and fitness. Please watch the video below to see what you think

One of the hardest things to overcome apart from the commitments needed to continue or to start an activity like martial arts is taking the first step, contact the club or organisation that you have shown an interest in actually stepping through the doors.

In my book there’s a chapter dedicated to this very phenomenon, this ring is especially true if you are female. 

The martial arts currently is dominated by male participants, don’t get me wrong there are many great female martial artists and martial arts instructor’s but if you were to attend class 75 to 80% of participants would be male.

This is always been something that has intrigued me especially when you think of the additional benefits that learning a martial art of self-defence system can give to a woman. Additional confidence, more self-esteem and the ability to either de-escalate, escape or defend against an assailant.

Martial arts can offer so much more than people realise and it is a shame that more women do not invest their time into martial arts.

I have been lucky enough to not only teach but also train with some great female martial artists and my martial arts school has overseen the development and growth of women of all ages. One of the benefits of running a full-time martial arts studio is watching people show the courage to begin their martial arts journey and develop and grow not just in their martial art also in all other aspects of their life.

When you begin a martial arts journey all the small lessons, setbacks and frustrations that are an inevitable part of learning Help develop you physically and mentally and emotionally. These lessons although primarily part of your martial arts development you take with you into your daily life.

At our martial arts school, we offer the following Five-step approach to personal development and learning a martial art

Wing Chun 5 step method for Adults

We always try to encourage people to try our martial arts school as already mentioned I know how difficult it can be to take that first step, to make contact with the club even more difficult to step through the doors the very first time.

What I’d like to offer you is a discovery session for you to come along, meet the team, meet myself and see what Halesowen Wing Chun can offer you.

If you wish to bring a friend for that moral support then please bring them along as well below you will find our discovery session booking form. 

The process is very simple, from the drop-down list please select the date of the class which is suitable for you, add your details And click the book.


If you would like to contact me to speak to me directly please call or text 07821 126 685 or email [email protected]

I look forward to seeing you begin your Martial Arts journey with us at Halesowen Wing Chun.