Speeding up the healing of impact injuries using Dit Da Jow

When I first came across Dit Da Jow, probably like most “Westerners” I was very sceptical. Surely I could have just gone to the local pharmacy and just picked up some ibuprofen gel, deep heat or the fallback Tiger balm to help with my aches and pains from training!

Passing on the tradition …

My SiFu advised me that I should see if I could acquire some Dit Da Jow to help with the impact bruises and injuries from my Wing Chun training. As the conversation went on he shared with me a brief overview of his knowledge and experience using the liniment as he knows that it can make a big difference in the time it takes to heal from such martial art afflictions. He then presented me with a traditional Chinese recipe that he stated was of Ip Chun / Ip Man lineage.

Time for some research…

I spoke to a Kung Fu brother who was an acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist. He advised me that some of the herbs on the list were not safe to use or unavailable within a western society. He recommended some alternatives that had the same healing properties, this was the birth of a unique but effective formula. I had created my own Dit Da Jow.

Keeping with tradition I also sought out a local Doctor and Chinese Herbalist. With her help and guidance, we formulated the unique blend of herbs that are still being today, that was over 10 years ago.

So what is in it?

Some of the key ingredients within this unique Dit Da Jow are as follows:

  • Notoginseng. Notoginseng has been called the “Miracle Root for the Preservation of Life. Helps to expand coronary arteries in order to promote blood circulation and prevent blood clots
  • Flos Carthami. Flos Carthami, this herb provides many health benefits including increased blood circulation
  • Fructus Gardeniae. Fructus Gardeniae. Purge fire and eliminate irritability, cool blood and stop bleeding, clear heat and relieve toxicity, clear and excrete damp-heat

There are other herbs in use in our liniment and the right amounts must be used if trying to make your own.

Difference between Dit Da Jow and Iron Palm liniment

Below is a list of the main differences in the 2 types of liniment we make here at the Halesowen Wing Chun Kuen. Make sure you are using the right “Jow” for your needs. Note* There is nothing wrong with using both to make a “superformula”  or using one first, allowing to dry then applying the other.

Dit Da JowIron Palm Dit Da Jow
Assists with the healing of BruisesAssists with the healing of Tendons, Sinew, Bones
Helps reduce Pain Helps reduce Pain
Strengthens Blood VesselsStrengthens Bones, Tendons, Connective Tissue
Reduces Swelling Conditions the Hands, Shins for Heavy Contact
Stops Blood Stagnation Protects Contact Area from Serious Injury
Moves Qi Moves Qi